BE LOVE on Galentine’s Day

It’s that time of year that it’s all about LOVE, but why does love just need to be of the romantic type, and limited to couples.

Love is a state that can be achieved by anyone, it’s a mental, physical and emotional state, and it’s contagious! If we want to see more love in the world, we start with ourselves, and sharing it with others around us.

Valentine’s Day is a lovely celebration, but let’s face it, it’s not for everyone, especially if you’re on your own.

This year it’s all about Galentine’s Day, which is the day before, and it’s all about celebrating our female friends and the love we have for each other.

When us women come together, in loving awareness, we are a powerful force for good!!!

So what’s it all about?

Galentine’s was originally created by a fictional character in the US series Parks and Recreation, but it soon caught on amongst real-life women looking for an alternative which still celebrated love, but was for all gals, no matter their relationship status.

What a great excuse to celebrate the sisterhood, and the magic we create as women when we support each other!

So this workshop is all about love, for within us women, we have an abundance of love, don’t we?

We want to share it with each other, and we want to spread it around? Yet sometimes we miss the bit out which is loving ourselves!

And this is where it starts.

So why not join me around the virtual fire of supportive women, who have all got each other’s backs, who are all accepting of each other, just as we are, and feel that love for the day.

We will start with a group meditation, then do some oxytocin-boosting, mindful and kindful movement, finishing with some nourishing and nurturing restorative movement, all with the intention of sharing a space of love and acceptance with each other.

I’ll be sharing with you some of what I have learned from Nikola Tesla about energy and vibration, and all about the Love Frequency, and how it could help heal us and the planet.

All you need to do is bring yourself, just as you are, and together we will foster the kind of love we all deserve through our practise together.

If you think that the world needs more love right now, then the best thing we can do to affect that change is to embody love, to “be love”.

Let’s do this together

PS If you would like to bring a friend for free, then just get your ticket and send your bestie the details and you can do it together.

Live on Zoom Saturday 13th February 2021

10.30am – 12.30pm UK time

1130 – 1330 CET

To book your place either sign up below or email me to make alternative payment

In cases of financial hardship I am also able to offer some complimentary places for you or someone else you know that would like it but is unable to pay.

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