Kickstart the New Year with a new healthy regime of rituals and routines to help you stay healthy and happy in January, and lighten up in a manageable and sustainble way!

The course starts with a 2 hour Introductory Workshop on Sunday 3rd January 2021 to lay the groundwork for the month and help you plan for success.

Then you have 21 days throughout the month of support and encouragement, tools and inspiration to help you boost your energy, so you are feeling lighter and brighter by the end of the month. After 21 days, you will have created a new habit, and healthy routine, with only 30 minutes a day.

  • Start the day with a 30 minute class designed to lift your spirits and wake up your metabolism. Incorporating movement, motivation and mindfulness, make this your daily ritual and set yourself up for a good day.
  • Follow a simple 21 day habit change programme, which is both manageable and sustainable, where small changes make a big difference long-term, to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Get daily inspiration for 21 days to help you stay on track, and find new ways to make the winter more manageable and even enjoyable!

The classes are live on Zoom each day 8-830am UK time but you can also watch the recording at a time that suits you. What’s more, you get to keep all the classes for life.

All this for just £21.

Sign up below or email me to ask any questions or use an alternative payment method.

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