One Day Retreat At Powderham Castle


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Join us for a day of movement, music, nature, meditation and a bit of magic at this very special place……

Shine A Light On 2020

Powderham Castle, Kenton, Devon

Saturday 4th January 

 8.30 – 5.30pm

“It’s time to step into the light, it’s time to shine!”


This special day is the perfect time if you’re ready to move positively into the future, to be a guiding light, not just for you, but for others, and in fact the rest of the world. Heaven knows, we are ready for this.


We have a team of experts on the field of healing and wellbeing to bring you an exciting programme to inspire and move you forwards into the next decade.


  • Harness the power of nature, movement and music to re-discover your own inner light


  • Release yourself from old stuck patterns and energy blocks, raise your vibrational frequency, and clear the path to create the future you deserve


  • Understand the significance of the year 2020, and how to fully step into it’s energetic potential, and move into the light.


We all have within us a light. It’s a light like no-one else’s, it’s perfectly unique, and when we discover the power of our own light, we realise it holds the key to a brighter future, for ourselves and for others.


This isn’t another “New Year, New You”, “let’s set some intentions” workshop, this is about finding yourself again. Because you are perfect as you are. That pure light is already within you, it’s inside you and it’s all around us. It in infinite and it is the secret to all healing.


When you shine your own light, you lead the way for others. It’s the same thing.


The light is within you, the light is all around you, it’s where it’s always been. It’s time to shine. Full details below…



What the day entails:


  • Enter the magical grounds of Powderham Castle, leaving your worries and the last decade at the gates, join us by the fire for a Winter Tonic in the State Dining Hall, and let us take care of the rest.


  • Enjoy a slow, grounding flow with Gillie Sutherland of Flow Yoga Devon – a moving meditation to help you come into your body, into a place conducive to healing


  • The lovely Meg from Your Body Matters, one of the team of teachers at the castle, will then take you through a powerful meditation, to help clear your mind of all personal limitations and open you up to the potential within you


  • Take a walk in nature, exploring the beautiful historic Powderham estate, connecting with the trees, the deer, the birds, the estuary, and all the abundant Energy that Mother Earth has to offer.


  • Collect treasures from nature to help understand who you are, as a beautiful creature of nature yourself, and return to the circle by the fire for some cosy reflection and crafting with Ellie from Darling Buds


  • Break bread together over a delicious and nutritious, seasonal lunch, taking time to slowly savour all the goodness from the food, whilst gaining inspiration and insight into how best to nourish yourself through the winter season.


  • Rest and digest, and take learn from astrologer Teresa Searle from Intuitsoul about how to tap into the potential of 2020, so you can start to create magic in your own world.


  • Give your soul a chance to integrate everything you have learned and discovered about you and the potential available and let it marinate through a Symphony of Sound – a chi yoga flow with Gillie, accompanied by Jo Hooper on cello, followed by a blissful sound bath with Oliver Jenkins of Sol Energies, to raise your vibration to the frequency needed to manifest your heart’s desires, and heal what needs healing.


  • Closing the day with a “Hug In A Mug” by the roaring fire, we’ll chat about moving forwards with this new inner glow, ready to shine your light in 2020.


Cost: £75 per person, includes all refreshments


To book follow this link


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