Adjusting The Sails….Going Forwards….News From Gillie…With Love

into the wild


Dear Treasured Soul,


I hope this email finds you well, and enjoying your summer.


So first a little admin….

  • Tomorrow’s YOGA ON THE BEACH is ON!!! You can pre book here
  • Bank Holiday Monday night at Powderham is a NIGHT OFF! There is no class that night
  • For those that have asked , I have added in two new dates for the Wild Yoga On The Dubrovnik Riviera. It’s a brand new venue and a very exciting programme. Dates are  October 13-20th 2019 and June 10th – 17th 2020. Details here.

Now for the “deep breath needed” stuff…


I’m not known for being short of words, or not knowing what to say, but this has been a difficult message for me to write, and I do hope you can bear with me whilst I find the right words to convey what I need to say.

I’ve been rumbling with this, as Brene Brown would say, for the last few days, and finally said to myself “just ****ing do it”, and trust you will know what to say.


As many of you know, I have been very much on a healing journey for the last couple of years. Actually, as has become clear, this has been what I have been doing pretty much my whole life, trying to heal. Living it, learning it, and passing it on. I love what I do, but I have only just been surviving.


Since doing my most important work on myself over this past year, I have felt some profound changes happening. As I understood how nature heals us, how the body knows the score, the importance of grounding, how to heal from trauma, my whole inner landscape has changed, so I knew it was a matter of time before my outer world changed.


Last week I made a courageous decision, one that has been brewing for a while, and I decided to fully embrace the notion of being wild and free. I’ve been introducing many of you to The Way Of The Wild Warrior, and this is something that I need to go to work on.


As things have been changing in the yoga world, and free yoga classes being made available everywhere (which I think is fantastic by the way, just makes it a little harder for those of us that make a living out of it), I am no longer willing to struggle to make ends meet, to work to pay my rent, and to live in a way which is really just survival.


I have no idea what it’s going to look like, but I know I need to develop this piece of work, to write, create, and to live and breathe it in a way that gets me out of survival mode and into being wild and free.

What I do know is that I am going to continue teaching, but it will be an online platform, as well as one-off events and retreats, which will all be based around healing through nature, balancing the elements, and The Way Of The Wild Warrior.


I write this email from Croatia, where I am setting up this new retreat space in Cavtat. I had asked the Universe, and along with the snake messenger, this place came along, and I knew it was right. I’ve already filled the September one, which I think is also a sign, and I am now opening up October 13th-20th for those that would like to come and join me. Full details are here.


Since embracing this uncertain future, so much has slotted into place, and I decided that for the next six weeks, I would not return to the UK, but use this time to carve out my new life, as well as write The Way Of The Wild Warrior. It will be available online as a course, but also a one day training event, and also as a retreat.


So I will be away for the whole of September now. I have some great teachers who can cover my classes this month, but only if people keep coming, as I have to pay the teachers and the venues and sometimes I don’t even cover my costs when I do this. If I am able to sustain these classes, they will continue but I need to see how things go in September. In the meantime I will be doing online classes, details of which I will send out shortly.

I know this may be disappointing news for some of you, who have built up a regular routine of coming as well as a relationship with me. Believe me, I will feel that loss too, and this hasn’t been easy at all. I just have to follow my heart, and trust the Universe, for I feel that this piece of work is important, and what I am meant to be doing.


I will be back for the beginning of October, where I have two events happening in that first week. I hope to see you for one or both of them! From October onwards, all is a little unknown right now. I am sorry I can’t tell you anymore that that, the truth is “I don’t know”, but I am trusting all will unfold as it is meant to.

1.       October 3rd 2019              Slivers of Light Talk and Book Signing


The book I wrote last year will shortly be going on sale at the Pete’s Dragons shop in Exmouth. They have invited me to do a talk that evening, and to be there to sign some of the hard copy books. This is open to the public and we will be sending you out an invitation very soon. To find out more about Slivers of Light go to It is also available as an e-book online for immediate download and comes with a 21 day online course.


2.       October 8th 2019               108 On The Beach

This will be the third year of this, and we are hoping to make it even bigger and better than ever before. This is a charity event, but it’s also something for the community, bringing people together, celebrating our mutual respect for each other and the Earth, and that “we’re all in this together”. Again details of this are coming soon.


The weekend of October 5th / 6th 2019 I also have an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course at Revitalize Studios in Topsham, so if you are interesed in training to be an Aerial Yoga Teacher, let me know. I have one space left.



On a practical level, if you have purchased a block of classes, you will still be able to use these for the September classes, but there will be no more pre-paid packages available from today.


I hope you feel the love and gratitude coming through my written words when I say “thank you for all the support you have shown me over the last few years”. I am so grateful for all the amazing people I have met, the places I have been lucky enough to teach in, and how much yoga has helped me find out who I am, and accept who I am.


I don’t know where this journey is headed, but this is where I am right now, my heart is open, and I feel courageous. I hope you will stay connected with me whilst it all unfolds.


Please feel to add me on any social media channels, in particular the Flow Yoga Devon Facebook page where I will be publishing online classes, as well as other teachers’ classes,  or follow my news by subscribing to


With loving kindness, from my heart to yours,


Gillie xx

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