Love is love.

It was the most simple yet powerful tagline, and it really hit the spot this Saturday.

It was Exmouth Pride, the sun was out and love was most definately in the air.

Pride month takes place every year, and celebrates the heritage of the LGBTQ+ community, and it’s triumphs over adversity. Marking fifty years since it’s inception in New York, this was indeed a celebration.

You may have seen the rainbow flags everywhere. It’s the perfect emblem for the movement, all the colours of the rainbow, denoting that life’s rich tapestry is only so beautiful as a result of its many different colours.

Accepting each other as we are, allowing people to be free to be themselves, equal rights and personal freedom. These are the values that many of us believe in, regardless of whether we are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

This is not an exclusive club. This is an all-embracing community where everyone is welcome.

I can’t help feeling that the message that “love is love” is just what this world needs at the moment, which is why Saturday’s festival really hit the spot.

The LGBTQ+ community are leading the way in this new wave of consciousness on the planet, where people want to collaborate not compete, find what unites us not divides us, and be led by love not hate.

As you can imagine, I was all over it! My calves are still recovering from my mid-afternoon wild dancing! I couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t want to leave. Manor Gardens was filled with love. It was the best event I remember in Exmouth.

Love in all it’s forms.

It didn’t matter whether you are gay, straight, rich, poor, old or young. Here everyone was accepted. It was beautiful and joyful, in a way I can barely put into words.

It got me thinking about a theory I’d heard recently from one of my inspirations Jeff Brown.

He believes that it is those that have suffered the most that will go on to be the greatest healers in the world, they are our best teachers, for they have had to overcome adversity and find a way to heal their pain, and they are the closest to the truth of all our lives.

As I consider how difficult it must have been for so many of the LGBTQ+, the bullying they must have been subjected to, and the lack of acceptance from the haters, I know they must have had to overcome tough times.

As I watched drag queen Arina Fox’s entrance with two storm troopers as bodyguards (who wouldn’t want storm troopers as bodyguards???), I was entranced.

Arina lit up Exmouth, totally “owning it”, and I had a new role model.

When Arina introduced “Mum” who had come come from Leeds to see the act for the first time, I don’t think there was a dry house in the park.

I could feel it hadn’t been easy for Arina but here was a moment to be treasured. It was pure acceptance, and more than that, it was Pride.

The words “love is love” will echo in my ears for a long time, and I can’t wait for the next Pride event. My rainbow flags will be flying proud and free on the beach again, and getting ready to dance my glittery socks off!

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