Who’s Got Your Back?


Who’s Got Your Back?


It is often in the most bizarre of circumstances that I find inspiration, and this morning was most definitely one of those times.

We had woken up on a boat, we had paddleboarded to the nearest shore, and set off on a hike up to the top of a mountain where I’m leading a yoga class for a group of wild warriors, in the most stunning of locations.

I’m chatting to Jacqui and Rachel, two of my yogis, and we’d been admiring the way that Shaun, another of the group, had really watched out for everyone else. He seemed always to be there when someone needed a hand, and for me, he was a godsend, as it was like having my own personal assistant / bodyguard / supporter all in one.

“It’s so nice to feel like you have someone who’s really got your back, isn’t it?”, I ask the women I’m with.

They agree, there’s a comfort in it, and we laugh about how we’re all the same with our men. We do like to do things for ourselves, but it’s important to know that they are there to support us unconditionally.

It’s not necessarily a gender thing, it works just the same both ways, in fact, some of my greatest supporters, those in my tribe, who’ve had my back, over the last year have been other women.

Yet this particular morning it’s a case of a man protecting his woman, from the potential threats are coming down the mountain, passing too close by for his comfort.

We had been warned about this “aggressive” donkey that we may pass on the way up, so we were already braced for giving him a wide berth, but we found ourselves with the male and the female on either side of us.

As we approached, the male donkey made a noise louder than anything I had ever heard come from a donkey, or a horse, for that matter. He gave us a look to say “don’t even think about coming any closer!”. We weren’t, we got that message loud and clear, Eeyore!

What happened next melted my heart. He bolted over to his woman and headbutted her (nicely), and they spent the next few moments nuzzling into each other (before starting to get a bit fruity, but we’ll just leave that there…), and it was obvious he had just being trying to protect her and make sure she was ok.

“Look, he’s got her back!”, “he’s not aggressive, he’s just looking out for his woman”, “he loves her so much!”. We are all having a bit of a moment; I’m sure there may have been a few wet eyes even.

Back on the boat I’m looking up what it means to “have someone’s back”. It’s being willing and prepared to help and defend someone; to look out for someone in the case of assistance. I’m just finishing writing this story when my good friend Jax, the little pocket rocket she is, pops her head down the hatch and just says “alright bird?” in her gorgeous Northern accent, and again, I melt.

My heart is filled with gratitude for those that have my back. It took a while, but I’ve found my tribe. Like the donkeys, they have my back, and I have theirs.





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