Back To Basics

mallorca trek
I’ve just returned from five nights away, unlplugging and recharging in nature, and I’m full of energy, vitality and even more love for our precious Earth.
I’d pretty much gone full digi-detox, only checking my phone for emergencies once a day, and it was such a relief. I’ve not switched off from work like that for years, and I know it did me the world of good.
Three of the five nights we spent away were wild camping, at different locations on the Serra Tramuntana, a mountain range on the west coast of Mallorca.
These were my favourite sleeps.
We’d find a spot to bed down for the night based on a few pre-determined criteria:
  • Must be able to pitch a tent, preferably soft terrain, to get pegs in and for physical comfort
  • Must be away from other people, where we wouldn’t be disturbed (or arrested as wild camping is “technically” illegal here)
  • Must have space to build a fire so we can cook our dinner and keep warm


There’s something so utterly beautiful about the simplicity of it all. Just focusing on survival and meeting the basic needs of food, warmth and shelter, using just what we have on our backs.
I’m not going to say it was easy. As my rucksack got heavier and heavier, and the terrain steeper and more rocky, there were times I thought my legs were going to buckle underneath all the weight.
Perhaps without all the red wine it may have been a little lighter, but what’s a campfire without some cheap Spanish vino tinto?
In hindsight I should have made a deal to carry the marshmallows if my travelling companion, who had obviously been a mountain goat in a past life, had carried the wine.
Next time…
Throughout the whole trip, which was just magical, I kept thinking how we just seemed to have complicated our lives so much. Going Back to Basics is a pleasure. The wild camping spots we found were better than any five star hotel I’ve stayed in.
Out here I didn’t need the gym, any meditation apps, no to-do lists, no social media, no entertainment systems or devices.
I missed my cat, that was it.
Again the words of one of my favourite songs was in my head:
“No guru, no method, no teacher. Just you and I in nature”.
Van Morrison.
Bliss. Enlightenment. Wellbeing. It’s more simple than we think. It’s just a case of going “Back to Basics”.






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