Sunshine and Rain

Sunshine and Rain

Everything is so vibrant and colourful right now, isn’t it?

It’s like nature is showing off, saying “look at me!”, like the tutti-frutti of the seasons, it’s really coming into it’s own.

Even though I’ve just caught myself having a bit of a moan about getting wet and cold, I’m currently warming myself with a nice glass of red, considering the upside of the soaking I just endured on the way back from work.

If we didn’t have the rain, we wouldn’t have all that glorious green landscape – the plants, the wisteria coming into bloom, not to mention the plants that we rely on for food.

I’m always thanking Mother Earth for the sunshine, like when she perfectly times it for me to teach my classes outside. Yet I can’t remember the last time I thanked her for the rain.

As I wrote, I have the song lyrics in my head: “Joy and pain, like sunshine and rain”.

You see we are like plants, we need both sunshine and rain to survive.

So I realise I’m also always showing gratitude for the good times, the places, people and experiences that bring me happiness.

Yet I can’t recall ever having expressed thanks for the hard times, the tough life lessons, the people who caused me pain.

It seems fitting that Spring, a time of rebirth, feels the right time to say thanks for it all.

For it was in those tough times, when it felt like the world was a hostile place, when I was under attack, those were the times that shaped me.

I grew through the pain, I grew as a person. In trying to defend myself, in realising who I wasn’t, I grew stronger in who I was. I defined myself, and I feel both stronger, and also proud about the way I handled it.

I learned that was my my unique qualities (like a plant or a flower) made me the person I am.

I learned that we thrive in the right environment. I learned that the garden needs weeding before planting new bits and bobs. I learned that flowers don’t compete, they just bloom.

I learned that without the rain we wouldn’t feel the warmth of the sun. That if it we don’t feel the rain, or the pain, we don’t grow.

Most of all, I can tell myself that those who tried to bury me, did not know I was a seed.

So today, I am thankful for both the sunshine and the rain, the joy and the pain, for I am a creature of nature, and I needed both.




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