108 On The Beach for Earth Day

yoga on the beach 2

“We’re all in this together!”

This was us last year, doing 108 Sun Salutations on Exmouth Beach, where we raised over £800 for Open Door Exmouth.


2019’s challenge will be in aid of Home Start Exeter and East Devonand I’m setting myself a “stretch target” of getting 108 people doing 108 on the beach, which (according to Google) , will be a world first!


The theme this year will be “We’re all in this together!”, celebrating people coming together in their to support each other in their time of need.
We share  the same Earth, the same sky, sun, water and air, and surely a world where collaboration is encouraged over competition would lead to a happier, more secure place for us all.
In the spirit of coming together and supporting each other, I am inviting other local yoga teachers to help in leading the Yoga Mala, so you will get the chance to meet and experience lots of different styles of teacher. I believe we are all equal but different, and we each have something unique to bring, but most of all, we will be bringing our own light to share.
Exmouth Beach is the perfect place for this to take place on Earth Day. Having your feet in the sand, breathing in the sea air, drinking in the landscape, and soaking up the rays from the sun – there’s nothing like it. It’s where yoga should be done, out in nature, and trust me, you will feel increased energy from being outside.

To sign up go to http://www.bookeo.com/behappyfit and click on Special Events.


You can get in training by following the video on the Facebook page :


So, what are we supporting this year?

Home-Start Exeter and East Devon – supporting local families in need

Home-Start makes perfect sense. It’s about one person supporting another, making things a little easier, making a difference that will have a life-long effect. Sometimes the simplest idea is the best and that is how the magic of Home-Start works, by matching one person to another with no strings attached.

Established since June 1986 in Exeter, Home-Start commenced family support throughout East Devon in 2009. We continue, though, to need more supporters as demand for Home-Start support in Exeter and East Devon continues to exceed available resources.  Year on year we support more families; 125 families with 299 children received our support in the year 2014/15.  92% of those families expressed a positive difference in having Home-Start support, thus demonstrating the real benefit Home-Start can bring to family life.


The Facebook page is also here for you to follow and share with your friends.


Even if you’re not taking part, please come down and support us. There will be collection buckets on the day for you to donate, and of course a fantastic atmosphere of people joining together to celebrate that…

“We’re all in this together!”.


Love and light


Gillie xx

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