Love Is In The Air



Love is in the air…

Much as I’d love to be able to plan my creative work, planning doesn’t come naturally to me, and I find I have to wait until the day to know what to do.

After a week that was hi-jacked by the reappearance of an annoying pest from last year, I hadn’t really been able to focus properly on my work all week. But needs must, I had an important event to run, and the show has to go on.

So I cleared my whole day of everything else to put to preparing for it, and when I woke up, it was the first thing I thought about.

What was the key message?
What am I going to teach?
How is it all going to work?

I realised before I even got out of bed I was overwhelmed and didn’t have any clarity. So I did what I always do in these situations, I took to the beach.

As I sat down to enjoy my chai halfway through my walk, it came to me what tonight was all about.

It was Valentine’s Day, it was a special event at the castle involving yoga and live music, and I didn’t want it to have anything to do with having a partner or not. I wanted it to be about love in all it’s forms.

Looking out to the sea, I just knew what my message was:

“Love is in the air”.

It really is, it’s in the air that we breathe, the Earth we walk upon, the sky above, it’s in the waters, and it’s in the space around us.

We were blessed to have the most love-filled space I could have dreamed of, thanks to our hosts Charlie and AJ, the space was filled with this special energy – they’ve brought the love to the castle. They have the most beautiful love story, a fairytale, which just adds to the magic of the castle.

Jo Hooper our cello player was married here and , and Viv has worked at the castle for 7 years as a guide and she was able to tell us all about the history of the previous Earls. My colleague Jennifer has been coming here from the start, as a Kenton local, and she’s one of the army of angels I have around me, whom I am blessed to have.

For me, and I guess many others, no matter what is happening in the outside world I drive up to the castle and I feel safe, and I feel loved.

The places we spent time in have the ability to bring joy or bring pain. As do the people we spend time with. So we need to be aware of this, and choose carefully.

We are being conditioned to think it’s a big bad scary world out there, and of course there are a few monsters and dragons that we could do without, but there’s also something magical happening…. there is a rising up of people being led by love.

Love is in the air… can you feel it?

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