An Army of Angels

army of angels

An Army of Angels


You know how sometimes you find yourself reading a book and you just know it was exactly what you needed to read at that time?

This has happened to me a lot; to the point, it’s literally been a case of the right book jumping off the shelf.

Which is why I was completely baffled by my recent holiday read, right up until halfway through. I have been a fan of the work of Gabrielle Bernstein for the last few years, and when I heard that she had written her latest book whilst going through the hardest year of her life last year, I knew I had to read it.

It’s called “The Universe Has Your Back”. The tagline is “How To Feel Safe and Trust Your Life No Matter What”.

I took it away with me when I had taken a short trip to Gozo for a recharge with my friend Jax. All I wanted to do was walk, be in nature, and get some space to read and do something for myself, and a good book always helps me do this.

Halfway through, I’m starting to question why exactly I was reading this book right now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great book, which will help anyone, but I was thinking it may have been more useful for someone going through big changes or facing a crisis. I had been stable for months, I didn’t have any dramas going on, and things were running pretty smoothly.

Then, of course, it happens, the “tower” moment. I receive some news from home, news I was relieved to be out of the country for, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was one of those curveballs that life hits you with out of the blue some Tuesday afternoon when you didn’t see it coming.

All of a sudden it made sense. This book, and the strategies it offered for dealing with such moments, was preparing me for what was to come. So I started committing 100% to “the work” in the book, and I am pleased to say it helped enormously.

I wrote myself a “faith statement”, one of the exercises that Gabi recommended to help you stay on track. I’ve used it every morning since, and it has helped me to surrender to the fact that the Universe will take care of things, without my needing to know how. I just need to take care of myself and trust it will all be ok.

Another funny thing happened throughout this process. I went to see my therapist to get some guidance and clarity on how to deal with this situation, and we did my favourite work in the sand tray, accessing the subconscious fears I had, and re-framing them into something more useful.

My re-frame, basically where I try to create a more positive story with the characters in the tray, ended up with a circle of angels around me. “Look”, I said excitedly, “I have an army of angels around me”.

From that moment I was able to visualise this, both earthly and ethereal beings who had my back and were protecting me.

In the last couple of days, this has become more and more evident in my every day life. From my first-class, gold-plated girlfriends I call my “soul sisters”, the rays of sunshine that are Otis and Arlo aged 6 and 3, the cats – Lucky, Tiggy, and Poppy, the dogs – Dudley and Diesel, my lovely neighbour who takes me off on adventures, to my kind students who shower me with love and hugs, I have an “army of angels” around me.

As well as those here on this physical plane, I also have a faith that there is something, whether it’s angels, Mother Earth, God, or just the Universe, taking care of me at the moment, and that is a lovely feeling to hold onto no matter what is going on.

There’s work still to do, I know that, but this is a good start – the right book, the right people, and the right thoughts.




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