You Got This!

you got this

Perhaps my favourite phrase I heard last year, the three words that helped me the most in my darkest hour, came from a complete stranger, someone that I will be forever thankful to.

She was getting married and moving to Thailand days afterwards, but we’ve stayed in touch and I hope to visit her one day and thank her properly.

She saw me on the edge, my life felt like it had fallen to pieces, I couldn’t make sense of any of it. It was all too much.

I was approaching a full blown full panic attack after seeing someone I hoped I’d never see again for the rest of my life. It triggered so many negative emotions and I literally wanted to throw myself in the quay to get away from it.

She said these 3 words, and I felt all of her compassion and empathy as she looked at me with big beautiful eyes. She said “you’ve got this!”.

She proceeded to make small talk, and compliment me on how I looked, and I could tell she was being genuine, and at the same time diffusing my panic.

As she told me her story of heading out to Thailand to embark on her new adventure, I was struck by how I hadn’t said much, but she just knew. She didn’t need to know why I was freaking out, she didn’t try to assess whether I was right or wrong to he panicking, she was just “there”.

Compassionate, non-judgemental, and reassuring, and everything you would want from a person in this situation. In fact, everything you’d want from a friend; she was also funny, smart and very cool.

I was a little disappointed she was leaving the country, but the power of social media means the connection isn’t lost, and maybe I’ll send her this so she knows how much it meant to me.

Under tonight’s beautiful full moon, shining a light in the dark, I think of how just a moment of kindness, from a beautiful soul, can mean the world.

These words helped me so much as I remembered that “random act of kindness” and I hope it will help you if you feel it’s just all gotten too much…

“You’ve got this”…

You’re stronger than you think you are, the universe has your back, and when you look for them, the slivers of light are everywhere .

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