Reflections On Super-Magic Monday AKA Blue Monday


So today is meant to be Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. With this awareness I take to my church and see how I can re-frame it.

It’s also a rather special day when it comes to astrology. My first choice is I decide not to listen to the media, but to look to nature for the answers. It’s Supermoon Blood Mon Lunar Eclipse, and whether you believe in it or not, if you saw it either in the early hours or like me, this morning on Exmouth beach, there was something rather special.

I’m thinking of how far I’ve come since “slivers of light” entered my life. I know I still need them, and like today, they can be a game changer.

I’m reminded that “life is magic” and where I place my focus counts.

This is where I am right now.




So what inspired me to write “Slivers of Light”?

I’m a great believer that “we live, we learn, we pass it on”, and this has literally been the story of my career.

Everything I have learned in my 28 years in wellbeing has been through study, of myself and of others, and how we heal.

This year, I found I had to use pretty much everything I had ever learned into practice to help me get through a particularly dark time.

What I found helped me most was “walking the beach” every day, and looking out to nature and seeing all that is magical around us. It helped me make sense of what was going on around me, and I also knew the only control I really had was where to place my focus and how I took care of myself.

It was the light on the water, the rays of sunshine through the trees, the sunsets over the Exe – the Slivers of Light – moments of magic-  that got me through…. and the more I focused on the “slivers”, the more I noticed.

I decided to turn my pain into purpose. I decided to take some of my articles I had written for the Express and Echo, the ones that related to the subject of looking for the light and the magic, and put them into a 21 chapter book.

So the book became a process, a process I used myself as I read it all again.

People had kept telling me “you need to listen to your own words”… so I did. I followed my own advice, and as I did, I edited the articles, I put them in order, I lived and breathed the principles, and I managed to get it out to print.

It was such a nourishing and rewarding way to spend my healing time. I had to take time off work after surgery and this book gave me a sense of purpose, a reason to keep going. I knew that in healing myself, and in sharing my story, I would be helping others to heal.

That is one of the main points I wanted to get across in the book. By sharing our stories, who we truly are, warts and all, we make it feel safe for others to do the same. Our story may just hold the key that unlocks someone else’s pain. When we heal ourselves, we help heal the world.

When we find some light again, we help someone else find some.

We live, we learn, we pass it on.

This is what I learned….and here it is….from my heart to yours

light heals everything


As a Blue Monday Supermoon Eclispe special I am offering to post your book for free if you order this week….before 25th January 2019… you can also get your book signed if you so wish!!








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