Slivers of Light at Powderham




The days are getting darker, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find the slivers of light…

Join me and other like-minded souls for a day at the magical Powderham Castle, trying to keep our faces to the sunshine, enjoying the beauty of nature, yoga, mindfulness and breaking bread together.


Sunday 6th January 2019 8.30am – 5pm

Sunday 3rd February 2019 8.30am – 5pm

I’ll be introducing you to the techniques I have used in Slivers of Light, as well as the concepts in the book, to help you devise your own plan for getting through the darker days, whether you’ve been in a hole yourself, or you’re just wanting to stay well through the winter.

This is the ideal kickstart to the “Slivers of Light 21-day Shift”, an online programme to help you build in new healthy habits, like a mindfulness practise or new way of managing your energy levels.

Here’s what the day will look like….but don’t worry about the schedule…the magic will unfold as it’s meant to…

  • “Coming Home” – mindful movement to ground you and bring you into you into your body and feel at home at the Castle
  • “Chi Yoga” – part the clouds, paint a rainbow and get the energy flowing
  • “Space To Be” – Refreshment Breaks to enjoy the grounds and tour the Castle
  • “Feel-good Flow” – Vinyasa Flow Yoga class to celebrate the energy of the sun
  • “Breaking Bread” – lunch will be community-kitchen style, where we all bring a dish (doesn’t have to be home-made, just whatever makes you happy), practising mindful eating and savouring every moment and mouthful!
  • “Walk On The Wild Side” – breathing in the Estuary air, walking the grounds of the Powderham Estate , meeting the deer, and celebrating all the natural wonders of the season.
  • “The Magic 21 Day Shift” – a workshop to help you make steady yet sustainable progress in coming back into the light, based on the work from “Slivers of Light”.
  • “Let It Go. Let It Flow” – a moving meditation session, set to music, to help you integrate everything you’ve done, be free of everything you want to leave behind, and leave feeling light and uplifted.
  • “Carpe Cocoa – seize the Cacao!” – a sweet treat at the end of the day, as we embrace the hygge of the season and go on our merry way, with a little more joy in our hearts!




NB These retreats are now available to be booked exclusively for businesses, and companies, or groups. Rates on enquiry.

Secure your place by emailing, book online at or make your payment by BACS (don’t forget to include your name as a reference!)

Email me for Accommodation requests

Account Details for Payment:

Account Name: Miss G L Sutherland

Sort Code: 560049

Account Number: 32241348

Also do feel free to email or call me on 07530 012490 if you have any questions

Looking forward to seeing you

Love and Light,


Gillie xx














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