Face To The Sunshine


As summer draws to a close, and we grieve the loss of the lighter and longer days, I’m asking myself how we can “keep our faces to the sunshine” so to speak.

It’s been a magnificent summer, and so I feel it would be downright rude to complain in any way, but… and it’s a big but…. I miss my flip flops!

I miss the days of getting up and it’s light already; waking up as the sun rises is just bliss to me. Aligning with the circadian rhythms just makes sense, and I know I feel healthier when I do this.

Watching the sun go down, and it still being warm enough to be outside, is one of life’s great pleasures, but I think we’ve almost taken for granted this year.

Yet things are changing and we’ve got to face the facts. The nights are most certainly drawing in and we are losing our treasured light hours.

So how do we cope, I ask myself?

The answer comes as I’m chatting with a fellow wild warrior whilst we drink our coffees on the benches outside Darts Farm. It’s glorious sunshine, we both have our faces to the sun, and it’s decided: “we have to make the most of the light”.

It’s only 8.30am and I’ve already done one class, and the beautiful day, as well as a couple of other things, has put me in a ridiculously good mood. It’s the kind of mood where I can see possibilities in everything, where I can take the positives out of any seemingly negative scenario. It had all the makings of a great day and I wasn’t disappointed.

I make a decision that throughout autumn and winter 2018 I will be ensuring that each day, at some point, whenever I can, I will be getting the sunlight on my skin.

We know, it’s scientifically proven, that we need Vitamin D. In fact, it’s suggested that we spend thirty minutes a day outside, without any sunscreen on, to get the dose we need. Surely there’s half an hour in each day that it’s possible to be outside?

Yesterday, I managed to squeeze every possible moment of light out of the day. It was easy to just grab some snatches of time in my schedule with a bit of conscious thought out to it.

After my morning coffee outside, I went to Powderham Castle, where I soaked up the sun in the courtyard enjoying a Dutch car rally with some of the most impressive classic cars I’ve seen. No matter what is going on, Powderham always makes me appreciate the seasons, it never fails to take my breath away.

My next appointment we decided to hold outside over brunch on Exeter Quay, and later, on my way home from doing my jobs, I catch the sunset on Topsham Quay with a couple of friends. I’m leaving for Croatia at 2am but my packing and house admin can wait until it’s dark.

It was one of the most beautiful days of the year and every moment spent outside in the sun was even more appreciated because it wasn’t so expected at this time of year.

It was a day of magic, natural beauty, all because I decided not to think of what we were losing, but to make the most of what we have. The summer may be over, but the new season is just beginning… and I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a good one.



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