Slivers of Light on Mental Health Day


World Mental Health Day

I couldn’t think of a better way of honouring this day than with a yoga class at Powderham Castle with the slivers of light streaming through the window.

Today we also received the fantastic news that a Minister has been appointed to focus on Suicide Prevention. I had only just decided that my appointed charity to work with and support with my upcoming e-book would be Pete’s Dragons, who provide support for those suffering from suicide loss, as well as delivering suicide prevention training. It’s an amazing charity and meeting their CEO the other day was truly inspiring. 

Those that read my column or know me really well will know that this year I have struggled more than ever before with my mental health.

Feeling a lot better now, I feel I’ve a little light of my own to share, and maybe some words of wisdom, having had to claw my way out of the darkness. Throughout my darkest days I had to draw on everything I had learned over my 27 years in health and wellbeing, and I wrote my way out of it. 

Coming back after a mental health crisis is not a big leap back to feeling good, more like a slow and gradual process, making small steps each day, trying to find little pockets of time where you can feel ok, and having the support of good people around you. 

I call these small steps “slivers of light”, like glimmers of hope, when it seems all is dark around you.

The greatest healer I’ve found so far has been nature, and walking the beach every day whilst feeling low helped me so much. It was even more soul-nourishing to have people join me, and I was overwhelmed by the support I had, including from my friends at Powderham Castle.



Whilst healing from my accident, AJ came over to see me and we walked and talked and openly shared our truths, and she has since held the space for me whilst I heal, which has been incredible.

Today Charlie, The Earl of Devon, joined us in the class, where everyone had (in some shape or form) worn yellow in honour of Mental Health Day.

Charlie outshone us all in his bright yellow Freddie Mercury style biker jacket and it really brought a ray of sunshine to the class. 

As I went to the estate office afterwards, I realised all the staff were wearing yellow, and Charlie’s jacket was the talk of the castle. It didn’t surprise me, as I know what advocates they are there, true supporters of those who are suffering. I know this from first hand experience.

And today, I would like to thank all those who have supported me and many others on the journey back to health. Without you, many of us I’m sure would not still be here to share our story.

You are also the “slivers of light”. You bring hope when we are in the darkness. You relieve suffering in those that need it. 

This quote I think says it all.

“May we all find a sliver of light when we need it most

May we support each other in sharing our inner worlds, so that no one suffers alone

And May we each give a little bit of our own light when we have some to spare

Surely there is enough light to go around “

The e-book “Slivers of Light” will be available for download on Monday 5th November 2018. 

Watch this space… 



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