Tribe of Love



Tribe of Love

The world has a funny way sometimes of waking us up to what we need to learn.

Sometimes our life lessons do not arrive in the most attractive of packages.

The gift inside is not often seen at first. But when it appears, it’s like a ray of sunshine amongst the dark clouds.

A recent accident, leading to some major facial surgery, had left me feeling broken. Not being able to work, or socialise, initially panicked me, wondering if I’d be all alone, when I had nothing to give.

I was so wrong.

It’s overwhelming, but in a good way. In terms of love, my cup runneth over today.

Of course there were disappointments. Some of those I thought would be there, as I had been there for them, literally disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Others, I hadn’t seen for some time perhaps, or had just been there quietly on the outskirts, came up trumps and were instrumental in my healing, bringing me food, comfort and just being there for me.

Everyone showed their true colours.

Everyone that was there will always be there.

I know for sure now who I can trust, who is a true friend.

When given the space, when having everything taken away that I felt made me valuable to others, I came to understand that there are people who still care when you have nothing to give.

These are our tribe.

The people who make us feel accepted just the way we are. The people with whom we don’t feel we need to make ourselves small. The people who help us shine, even in the darker times.

Our tribe are the ones we can trust not to share our secrets as idle pub gossip, the ones that have our back when we need defending, the ones that are there when you ask “can I call you?”.

In a world filled with disconnection, having a tribe feels like a warm comfort blanket, a safety net, and like coming home.

I will be eternally grateful for these people. I will never forget the random acts of kindness, every message, card or gift, bringing of flowers or essential provisions. Every single one of those moments is implanted in my memory as an integral part of my healing.

I’ve learned that even more important than a positive mindset is feeling loved and nourished. Knowing you’re not alone. Realising that there are a lot of good people out there.

When we’ve been let down, by people or by events that have occurred, it’s easy to believe that the world is a hostile place, and certainly there are people operating from a place of fear that can make it seem so, but in general, there’s a shed load of love going around.

Our tribe is our proof, that no matter what, we are loved.

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