Making Memories on Pirates Cove


Making Memories

I surprised myself this week on two counts:

1. I was pleased about it being the school holidays.

2. I found myself enjoying the new Mission Impossible film.

Before I get slammed for this, let me first say that I’m sure for many it is bloody hard work in these six weeks, and I can’t even guess at how difficult it must be for those, especially single parents, finding the time, energy and money for all that is required.

I just hope that the glorious weather has helped in some way, in that there has been more outdoor options.

Not being a parent myself, I’ve had the best of both worlds. This past week I’ve enjoyed the company of two wonderful young men, aged six and three, and they’ve literally lit me up whilst recovering from an accident.

It turns out that they’ve quite enjoyed my company too, and their Mummy tells me that each day when she’s asked them what they want to do, they’ve said: “We want to go to see Gillie in Exmouth”.

My heart melts when I hear this and watching them play, when we take them to the beach for some swimming, fishing, sand-burying and general fun, I can see all the upsides of parenting.

We get to be kids again. We get to play. We get to spend time with young, innocent curious minds who approach everything with openness, honesty and without the pre-conceived judgements we later acquire as adults.

It’s the simple things that often have the biggest impact. I guess we are lucky to live where we do, but it gave me such pleasure to see a packed beach last week, teeming with different generations all enjoying the outdoors and looking happy.

Usually I’d be hoping for a quieter stretch of sand to walk down, but to see so many people filled with so much joy was an even better feeling.

These are memories that will stick. I don’t think that perhaps I’d realised what an impact it has on children, the little things really are the big things.

On Monday I took Mummy and the boys to a nearby bay, which I call Pirates Cove because of the writing in the sand made out of stones. It seemed like a little thing showing the boys, but it must have stuck with them because the next day they show up with a gift.

It’s a sign for my door saying “Pirates Only: Enter At Your Own Risk”. They had chosen it themselves.

I almost cry at the thought and it will always make me smile when I look at it, reminding me that for all of us, at whatever age, these days are so special because we are not just spending time but creating memories, that will last a lifetime.

That gives me a whole new perspective, on everything.

Which brings me onto my second point. Inspired by the curious, open minds of the boys, I agree to going to see a film I would never usually go for. I find myself lost in it, it’s a fantastic couple of hours of escapism, which left me with new inspiration and motivation for what lies ahead.

I don’t expect to find my quote of the week from an action film, but here it is:

“The greater the suffering, the greater the peace”.

It was a bit of a mission getting there due to my discomfort, but worth it in the end for Henry Cahill!

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