Ever had one of those weeks where you just don’t know what’s happening anymore?
On a global level, a national level, community level (anyone following seagull-gate in Exmouth?), and on a personal level, there seems to be a lot going on, and none of it seems to be making a lot of sense.
I’ve begun to really choose my environment carefully and who I spend time with. A far cry from my partying days, I love to spend time with people on a one-to-one basis, maybe with a walk down the beach and a stop off at my favourite cafe, so we can properly connect and share quality time.
I’m lucky to have some good friends who inspire me, who are consciously aware, and always have pearls of wisdom. Last week I have three such walks with three different friends – a kinesiologist, a marketing consultant and an actress turned Countess. The diversity excites me, and they are the smartest, most divine creatures I could hope to spend time with.
They give me faith in humanity, and the light that exists in us all, when there seems to be so much darkness.
They help me make sense of some of the nonsense, and realise that it’s not mine to take on.
They keep me straight after I’m questioning my faith in karma like I did the other day. I’m probably the only pro-seagull person in Exmouth at the moment, and while everyone else is complaining about them, I’ve been a lot more sympathetic and compassionate. So it just doesn’t seem fair that one poos on my favourite jumper whilst sitting out at The Point minding my own business.
I’m venting my frustration at this (and other injustices) with one of my friends when something crops up in my mind. It’s a poem and I think there’s something in it for us all. My friend knew the words and just which ones related to me, and the whole world made sense again.
I knew exactly what to do, which is nothing. I read the poem again, it’s called “If” by Rudyard Kipling, you may have heard of it.
It reminded me that no matter what is going on around us, all we can do is attend to ourselves, and this may include keeping a dignified silence in some situations, and letting things all unfold in time. It all comes out in the wash, as they say.
Sometimes the best action is nothing, but just sitting and making peace with yourself, for in the end, that’s all that matters.
There are things going on around us all the time which may not seem to make sense, there may be people who want to draw us into their gossip and their stories, but it is always our choice as to whether we engage in it or not.
Others may choose to be drawn into the darkness, the moaning and complaining about the seagulls nicking our sandwiches , the judging of those they nothing about, and the spreading of lies and hatred.
But in the end, if we all keep our counsel and decide who we want to show up in the world as, we can go a little way to making it easier for each other.
Perhaps if we spread love as quickly as we spread hate, there would be more peace in the world.
No one is ever going to convince me to hate the seagulls.
The world is full of nice people, and if you can’t find one, then be one.

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