Sharing the Sun…

share the same sun

My love affair with Devon continues…

Could there be a more stunning setting for a festival than this estuary, especially when the sun has come out to play?

I can’t believe it was two years ago when Chris Martin stormed the stage at Powderham at Radio One’s Big Weekend, and gave his home crowd something to remember.

This weekend was equally emotional, at an equally stunning setting in Exmouth, yet the experience was something very different.

I usually like to be in the thick of it, jumping up and down like a wild banshee, yet this year, I wasn’t completely up to that level of adrenaline.

Nonetheless the festival touched me, and I felt moments of pure gratitude and feeling “at home”, which have stayed with me all week.

Through a strange and wonderful set of coincidences, I ended up at the festival with a group of amazing people, all of the same mindset. We didn’t all know each other, but it was one of the those situations where you realise that everyone was connected, in more ways than one.

My “moment” came when we decided it was all a bit hectic in the middle of the crowd and went to chill by the edge of the water. Earlier we had been paddling, as many others did, up to our knees – it was like a scene out of a film, a surreal comedy set in 1950s Britain.

Yet it was when the sun started to set that the magic really appeared. Far from the boisterous crowd, six of us sat quietly watching the sun set on the other side of the estuary.

It was probably the warmest evening of the year so far, the music was audible enough to be pleasurable, yet not so loud as to hurt my sensitive ears, and we sat together, a newly formed group, connected by this natural phenomenon which happens every day.

I wondered if it would have been as special if it had not been for the people I was with. “Happiness is only real when it’s shared” is the saying, and although I would have enjoyed it alone, it was made all the more memorable from the connections that evening.

My favourite moments in life have involved the sun – soaking up it’s powerful rays of energy, enjoying the light on the water, and watching the sun set on the horizon – yet my best ones have been with others.

As I looked to the sunset that night, I thought not only of those who were there, but those that were far away but with whom I still felt a connection.

I look to the sun whenever the madness of the world takes a hold, whenever there seems to be so many obstacles blocking the path , and I remember a Chinese proverb I once read:

“No matter how tall the mountain, it cannot block the sun”.

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