Everybody Hurts…

everybody hurts


Perhaps intentionally, the whole Royal Wedding hysteria completely passed me by.


I was immersed in my own world, doing yoga down on the beach with around 70 others as the rest of the world watched Harry and Meghan walk up the aisle.


I ran two massive events last week over the course of two days, and as well as completely flooring me in terms of my energy, it was also a massive turning point as I realised just how much strain I’d been under.


How hard it must be for those that are in the public eye, constantly, like the Royal Family, it’s hard enough just on occasion. Clearly the new Princess was having problems with her family at one of the most stressful times in her life. Getting married is stressful enough, but add in the pressure of marrying into royalty and having every part of her background up for scrutiny, it must have been so hard.


Luckily Meghan had the most understanding of grooms. Only last year, Harry spoke out about his own mental health issues, disclosing how hard it was when finally started to deal with his grief but had to face public engagements.


Managing a crisis whilst having to pretend you’re ok (when you’re not) is one of the most difficult things in the world. Putting on a brave face, not wanting to be a burden, crippled with our own shame, there are so many of us I’m sure that are suffering in silence.


I’m lucky to have a handful of strong supporters who have helped me through these times, and who made my event on Friday night possible, when I nearly crumbled. Without those in the know, whose intentions are good, the ones on our “team”, it’s easy to feel all alone when you’re struggling.


Just last night I introduced two of my good friends and we spent the evening in the sun, chatting and laughing. At a certain point, however, I decided to tell them “I’m not OK”, and what happened next made the whole evening a lot more meaningful and connected.


It gave the others the safety and courage to speak out about their own troubles, things they may have been battling alone, had I not opened up the dialogue. It turned it into an open, honest, safe and supportive space, one that comes from knowing you’re not alone.


I made a mental note to never assume that someone is ok, but may be facing a battle we know nothing about. But perhaps in having the courage to share and speaking out truth, we can lead the way for others to speak out and ask for help.


So please, if you’re not feeling OK, it’s OK and letting others know gives them permission to do the same, and you could both find the comfort you need.


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