108 On The Beach

108 on the beach

In celebration of Earth Day on Saturday 21st April 2018, as part of a full day of fitness and wellbeing activities on Exmouth Beach, Flow Yoga Devon are holding a charity yoga challenge in aid of the Community Café at Open Door Exmouth.


Open Door Exmouth has been at the heart of our community, helping those who need it most, whether it’s the homeless, young people suffering with mental health problems, or others who may have fallen upon hard times.


In some of the worst weather we have seen for years, these services are a life-line to those without a roof over their heads or enough food to survive.


This event is running specifically to raise money to support the Community Café, which is open 3 days a week offering both practical and emotional support for the homeless.


If you would like to help me in reaching my target of £1000, then you can either join me and gain sponsorship for yourself, donate online on this page, or show up on the day to support and bring your pennies!


108 On The Beach is open to everyone, and it consists of completing 108 sun salutations (a sequence of yoga moves), also known as a Yoga Mala. Yoga malas have been held globally for centuries, 108 being regarded as a highly sacred and auspicious number, and the effect is said to be transformational.


Although it is seems quite a challenge, and it is, it is achievable for most people with a base level of fitness, as there are also different levels to choose from.


Done in nature, facing the sun, is even better, and you will find that you can achieve more, with more energy and motivation, done on a beach with lots of other like-minded people.


What could be more fulfilling knowing that you are challenging yourself at the same time as making a difference?


When: Saturday 21st April 2018 9am start


Where: Exmouth Beach (Orcombe point end)


How much: £10 registration (includes refreshments from Bumble and Bee after the event and the remainder goes to Open Door, which is your minimum donation of £5).


Santander have also agreed to match fund this event, so every penny counts.


To register for this event go to www.bookeo.com/behappyfit and click on Special Events.

To set up a Fundraising event, follow this link and click on Start Fundraising. You will then be able to set up your own fundraising page as part of the event, and people can sponsor you to complete the 108 on the Beach.

If you are not able to take part but would like to donate, you can also follow this link and click on Donate Now.

No matter how big or small your donation, it all counts and is very much appreciated.

For more information and press enquiries contact Gillie Sutherland on gilliesutherland@me.com. Or 07530 012 490.

Background to the Event


Sobering Thoughts After The Snow

As much fun as it was at the time, playing in the snow, making snowmen and generally being silly, there was a niggling feeling inside me that all was not well.

Whilst we cosied up in front of a roaring fire, blankets at the ready, and loaded up with goodies from the fish shop on the quay, I couldn’t help thinking about those that may be less fortunate.

If you didn’t have a roof over your head, you couldn’t get warm or clean, and you had nothing to eat, I can’t imagine how horrific that must have been.

Were these people getting the care they needed? How were they going to survive? I’m not sure what the figures are but I’m sure we must have lost a few lives in that spell of snow and cold.

It’d be too easy to forget about it, “there’s nothing I can do”, we tell ourselves, so we get on with our lives, blissfully unaffected.

Yet we never know if something like that could happen to us. I’ve heard stories and we are all vulnerable to falling on hard times, and I just hope if that’s me, there’s at least somewhere I can turn to if I’m freezing and in need of food.

It turns out that there is a place in Exmouth that does just that. I only know about them because I came across a post on Facebook with advice on what to do if you saw someone sleeping rough. It was the height of the Beast of the East, and it was quite a wake-up call.

This is happening on our doorstep, this isn’t “over there” on the news. It’s here and it’s real. People out in the cold with nowhere to lay down their head or take a warm bath.

It was at the moment, I decided on the charity I was going to support in my upcoming event.

Open Door Exmouth have been around for 20 years “making a positive difference in people’s lives and helping those in most need in this town”.

I had no idea what they did, but visiting their Community Cafe yesterday and meeting Helen who heads up their fundraising, I was inspired.

Three days a week they open their doors to the homeless, offering a sleeping bag, a hot shower with toiletries to use, fresh clothes, their own clothes laundered, a hot meal and a hot drink, and a picnic to take for the next day.

Food and shelter, and access to hot water, things we take for granted, I imagine these are huge things to those that don’t have them.

So who pays for these services?

“We are dependent on wonderful, kind, generous people in our community who give up their time to volunteer for our projects. And we are incredibly grateful to receive over half of our funding from our local community”.

I’m in. I know there are so many deserving charities out there, and I’d love to support them all, but I think everything in life happens for a reason, everything has a lesson, and for me, this adverse weather has woke me up to realise how lucky I am, and reminded me of how important it is we take care of those that are vulnerable.

This is the true meaning of community.


Please donate what you can and help me by sharing this post.



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