1 Day Wild Beach Retreat


Spend a day of wellbeing and nourishment in this stunning setting overlooking the beach, enjoying the all the natural health benefits of the sea air, under the guidance of Yoga and Wellness expert Gillie Sutherland.

Next Date: Thursday 15th March 2018

8am – 6pm

Only 8 places available

gillie wild


This day has been designed with the concept in mind that “the closer you are to nature, the healthier you are”. You couldn’t get much closer than this, and with expert tuition and a full day of health and wellbeing, you’ll be feeling fabulous by the end of the day

The day will include:

wild beach walk

  • Sunrise Yoga and Morning Meditation session
  • A Wild Beach walk and talk session
  • Cookery workshop and lunch, followed by a talk on seasonal nutrition
  • A cosy atmosphere to unwind with healthy refreshments available all day
  • Wild Yoga at sunset with the option of a wild swim, followed by a hot tub!
  • Hot Cacao and Candlelight meditation session to close the day

exmouth sunset


This will be an intimate group of just 8 people, so you can be assured of plenty of personal attention and interaction, and plenty to learn to take home with you.


The Beach House in Exmouth enjoys one of the best locations in the area, on Foxholes Hill, with stunning sea views. It sleeps 20 people, but we have it for the day. With it’s touch of luxury, it provides the perfect balance for the day of “wild” and “cosy”.



The cost of the day is £80, and includes all your refreshments, plus a lavender eye pillow to take home with you.


To book visit www.bookeo.com/behappyfit and click on Special Events.







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