Autumn News…forming new habits, bringing friends, and having fun with glowsticks!


Namaste lovely yogis,


A few exciting things to tell you about coming up next week, including…






All the details of each



As you will have noticed, we are definitely into the season of Autumn, and just like starting a new school term, it can be a great time for a fresh start and putting into new habits into your life that are going to be good for you.


We’re in the run up to Christmas now (sorry for mentioning it!), so there’s not that long to get things back on track in time for the stresses and frivolities of the silly season. Taking care of yourself in the turn of the seasons and in the run up to winter is more crucial than ever.


So now I have freed up some time to be offering some private sessions again, as well as a good schedule of classes, I have some options for those that need a little kickstart.


NB I only have the first two packages available for 6 people due to my own time and schedule.





If you’re new to yoga or nervous about coming to your first class, or just want some more specific guidance to make sure you’re getting the most out of your classes, this is for you.


3 x 1-1 sessions plus 4 general classes for £120 (SAVE OVER £50!)


These sessions need to be taken over the course of the next 6 weeks.


To book please email me




If you know what you’re doing, you’re coming to classes, but maybe not that regularly, and you want to commit to the habit, as well as get some personal guidance on your practice, this is for you.


11 weeks of unlimited classes plus a 1-1 session with me for £120 (SAVE A LOT!!)


These sessions need to be taken before December 17th 2017 when I will be closing down for the holiday season.


To book please email me




This is for everyone!


It’s always a lot easier to stay motivated to show up in the winter months when you have a buddy to keep you accountable.


Next Week I will be offering for one week only the opportunity to bring a friend for free. Just book as usual and they come for free! (They may reward you with a treat afterwards, you never know!).


To say thank you if they decide to commit to a block of 4 classes or more, I’ll credit you a free class.




Silly season starts early at Flow Yoga and that means it’s time to get the glowsticks out!


There will be no class running at Powderham Castle on Monday 30th October 2017, but instead I am running a Halloween Special at Ocean Physio in Woodbury.


What better way to avoid the “trick and treaters”? J


This is a very unique class, nothing too serious, I’ll be supplying glowsticks and a great playlist, you just come with an open mind and be prepared to have fun.


There will be the option for going out afterwards for drinks too.


Places are limited so booking is essential. As it will be a longer class with props, it is £12 per person.


Get booking now here.


Please also note that I am now requiring people to sign in on arrival, as for fire regulation purposes, I need to know who is in the building. You’ll need to tick whether you’ve booked online, or paid in cash, so please make sure you have booked in for that class prior to arrival to get the reduced rate.


Finally, if you are enjoying classes, or have recently attended an event you enjoyed, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review on my page or on the booking site.


In the next week or so, I’ll be sending details of some exciting workshops coming up as well. Watch this space.


As always, sending love, light and gratitude to all you special people


Gillie x







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