Wild Retreats at the Castle (Summer)

Powderham (56 of 105) HEADER

Summer Yoga Retreat At The Castle


– a magical day at a magical place


I am so thrilled to be able to announce that our Yoga Retreats at the Castle will be continuing throughout the year.


For the Summer, I have put together a schedule of new and exciting sessions, all designed to bring out the best in you for the summer season.


Summer is about the element of FIRE, and opening the heart; it’s about love and connection and enjoying the beauty in life.


What better place than the magical Powderham Castle, The Home of Devon, to experience some of most soul-nourishing activities to make you glow all summer long?


The next Retreats will be


Saturday 17th June 2017

Saturday 19th August 2017


9.30am – 6pm


Powderham Castle, Kenton, Devon


Come and enjoy the following:


  • 4 Styles of Yoga – Kundalini, Wild Vinyasa, Partner, and Mindful Healing
  • Tai Chi
  • Shiatsu
  • Lunch a la Chakra Kitchen
  • Walking
  • Music
  • Singing, Chanting and Yoga Mudra
  • Meditation
  • Chocolate


I will be joined by 4 of my colleagues – Chrissie Tarbitt, Wendy Giles, Zoe Foster and Sam Forder – and together we will facilitating a day of 10 mini-sessions to help you bring back the magic in your life!


Cost: £75 per head (includes lunch and all refreshments throughout the day).

See below for a full outline of the day and some of the photos from the last retreat.


To book visit www.bookeo.com/behappyfit and click on Special Events



What The Day Looks Like:


9am Welcome and Registration – settling in

  • You will park in the main courtyard of the castle and come in to the Courtenay family home via the big red door.
  • The retreat takes places in the Libraries, State Dining Hall, and weather permitting, we will be outside as much as possible


930am Introduction to the Day and the Team

  • Set your intentions for the day with an Opening Meditation
  • The theme of the retreat, the role of nature on wellbeing


10am Grounding through Meditative Movement with Gillie


10.30 Sat Kriya (from Kundalini Yoga) to energise


11am Wild Yoga with Gillie


12.30pm Lunch – Conscious Kitchen style buffet


  • Lentil Dahl with Turmeric and Lemon Rice
  • Green bean and Potato Salad
  • Strawberry and Cucumber salad with mange tout, goat’s cheese and toasted almonds
  • Carrot Noodle salad with raisins and nuts
  • Greek yoghurt with blueberries and almonds


1pm Self-led walk


1.30pm Staying Well through the seasons with The Five Elements


* An experiential workshop with Wendy Giles and Chrissie Tarbitt.

* Learn how to use the five elements theory to best support and nourish your body throughout the seasons, using food, movement, shiatsu, yoga, singing, and meditation.


2.30pm Break for dessert


3pm Tai Chi / Chi Kung with Sam


  • A season-specific moving meditation sequence conduced in the stunning Rose Garden of Powderham Castle, designed to harness the power and energy of nature and bring you into a state of ultimate wellbeing.


4pm Slow Flow Yoga with Musical Accompaniment with Gillie Sutherland and Jo Hooper on Cello



5pm Closing Meditation


with Chai tea and Cacao Bites







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