Catching Rainbows


I’m seeing rainbows everywhere at the moment, and each time I catch one, I am enchanted.


Perhaps it’s just the time of year, but I can’t thinking of how it seems more than a coincidence, that all these rainbows are a message to remind us that life is indeed magic.


For me, the rainbow marks the arrival of Spring, the light appearing after the darkness of winter, and it makes me excited to think of all the different possibilities ahead, the potential of more rich and diverse life experiences.


The rainbow makes me want to embrace it all, every single opportunity, like a child in a sweet shop, but I have to reign it in a bit, as I know I’ll end up exhausted if I don’t maintain the balance of doing and being.


The rainbow reminds me that I need a bit of everything, the contrasting experiences, to keep me feeling alive. I love my yoga and quiet time with a book and the cat, but I also need the fun times, dancing the night away, or going off on spontaneous adventures with people that are different to me.


The rainbow is like the tutti-frutti of nature, and it teaches us to embrace our own differences, but also the differences of those around us.


Most of all, I think the rainbow symbolises finding the way out of a dark time, and regaining a sense of hope and positivity.


There’s a Native American proverb which goes something like this:


“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears”.


Or as Dolly Parton put it:


“If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!”.


I’m reminded to look for the blessings when they come, to keep looking up just in case a rainbow appears, and to remember to dance in the rain.


For life is like a rainbow. We need both the rain and the sun to make it’s colours appear.


Life is magic, but the rain will come from time to time, and perhaps it’s there to help us see more clearly the vibrant and rich colours in life again after the storm has passed.


It certainly feels this way for me. Now back in good health, I feel more vibrant, energised, hopeful, and happy than I have felt in a long time. The world just looks bigger and brighter than it did before.


There just seem to be more possibilities, more adventures to be had than ever before, and a sense of a whole new world opening up as the bright new season of Spring arrives.


It seems like everything is divine timing, it’s how it was always meant to be.


‘Timing is everything, and everything in time”, I think.


It’s the perfect moment for a rainbow, it’s the sign that every day holds the potential for magic, and with our eyes open, face to the sky, life is just one great big rainbow of possibilities.




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