Energy in Motion

Everyone I have spoken to who was lucky enough to catch the Coldplay performance at Powderham Castle last weekend has the same response.

“It was emotional”.

And so it was.

Straight after the gig, the band posted that it was their favourite 57 minutes of Coldplay music ever.

It was captivating, mesmorising, so jaw-droppingly awesome, I am still buzzing now, and as I relive the moments on iplayer, I’m wondering what it was that made it so powerful.

I remember an explanation I heard a few years back about what an emotion is.

Emotion is Energy in Motion

The feeling caused when sensing energy in motion is an emotion. For instance, happiness is an emotion. Feeling an emotion. Feeling energy in motion.

At risk of getting too deep, consider this basic principle of quantum physics:

We are all energetic beings living in an energetic world. Everything we do and everything we know is affected, influenced, guided by and created with energy.

As Nikola Tesla puts it: “If you want to find out the secrets of the Universe, think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

One of the beautiful aspects of all this is that energy is infectious.

You will have experienced this when you have come across someone who has just received some good news. Their excitement, joy, gratitude, positive attitude towards life literally rubs off on you. On the flipside, you can spend time with people who are on the most part negative thinkers, seeing their world from a place of “lacking”, and it makes you feel miserable too.

I call the first group “radiators”, and the latter “drains”. When you understand this phenomenon you become even more attuned to the energy of people around you, and you can then begin to either choose more carefully who you spend time with, or just be aware that you don’t take on their energy if it is feeling toxic to you.

For anyone who was there last Sunday, you will be in no doubt what category Chris Martin fell into that evening. One of the reasons that I believe Coldplay are one of the best live bands ever, is the energy that Mr Martin transmits in his performance. He takes care of himself, physically and mentally, he performs with passion and exudes enthusiasm.

Last Sunday was so emotional because he transmitted his energy through the music. The motion of energy extended right out to thousands of people there singing and dancing along. We all felt just what he was feeling – a sense of pure joy and gratitude at being back in what he called “the best county on earth”, Devon.

It was a “coming home” for him, going back to his roots, more than just nostalgia, it was showing thanks for where he had come from, for the fact his folks many year ago had “gotten amorous” not far from Powderham, and the result was him, Chris Martin.

“If you can’t go home, where can you go?”, he told us, clearly delighted to be there.

We felt every single molecule of emotion, his energy was infectious, which is why everyone in that crowd was in such an ecstatic state. The energy that flowed through him also flowed through us, and it was magical.

So thank you Coldplay, all the other artists who shared their unique energy, and thank you to our wonderful hosts The Courtenays, who provided the perfect setting for the magic to unfold.


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