Nourish – Detox Yoga Retreat in Topsham


A One Day Yoga, Nutrition and Mindfulness Retreat

With Gillie Sutherland and Anne Richardson

Time to re-boot your system and put the Spring back in your step, with yoga, cookery, mindfulness and walking, all as nature intended!

This one day retreat is ideal if you have been feeling sluggish, low in energy, struggling to lose weight, lacking in motivation, or having trouble sleeping.

Date: Friday 25th and Saturday 26th March 2016

Time: Friday 5pm until Saturday  730pm

Venue: Highfield Farm, Clyst Road, Topsham, Devon

Cost: £45 per person for one day retreat

Residential options available for Friday and Saturday night for those that live further afield. Options for yoga Friday night (Glow Yoga) and Sunday morning (Loving Kindness Yoga). Email me for details.

Springtime is the ideal to cleanse the system, however, instead of strict diets and detoxes, we just need to understand and learn how to properly nourish ourselves.

This is not just about what we put into our body, or eliminate from our diets, this is about making choices that will keep us feeling good forever. Habits that we enjoy sticking to, making healthy choices because we want to, because they make us smile, make us glow, make us feel light and happy as well.

On this retreat you will:

  • Learn a new approach to eating well and staying slim with a cookery workshop and lunch Nutritional Therapist Anne Richardson, an inspiring Mum who grew up in France, and brings joy and pleasure to healthy eating. Together we will prepare a nutritious and delicious lunch of Rouleaux Printemps (French version of spring rolls). Read more about Anne HERE.
  • Discover yoga that will help you feel light and energised, without burning out and feeling frazzled. Yoga and Wellbeing Expert Gillie Sutherland will show you how to exercise to nourish your body , mind and soul! The morning session will be warming, toning, energising, and fun, ideal for keeping you glowing from the inside out. In the afternoon, we will rest and restore, and learn how to keep the systems of the body in balance.
  • Experience first hand the powerful effects of mindfulness, with a mindful walking session in the beautiful natural surroundings of Highfield Farm, and a guided meditation to clear your mind and help you see more clearly.
  • Leave with a personalised Lighten-Up plan for nourishing yourself long-term, with this new approach of finding what feels good!

In the stunning setting of Highfield Farm, this retreat is the perfect chance to escape and reflect on what’s important. Remember: the magic happens in the space you create.

Places are limited to 15 people at a cost of £45 per person.

This includes:

  • Cleansing juice on arrival and herbal teas throughout the day.
  • All yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition sessions.
  • A filling lunch, with refreshments, prepared under the guidance of Nutritional Therapist Anne Richardson.
  • Warming cacao drink and healthy snacks at the end of the day.
  • Your Lighten Up plan plus a follow up in two weeks following the retreat.
  • Complimentary Epsom Salts bath soak.

spring retreat


Good Friday evening:

5 – 6pm Pure Flow Yoga – to balance the nervous system

6 – 7.30pm Mindfulness with Gavin Weir -Jones

Saturday morning:

7am Sunrise Meditation

730am Cleansing Morning Juice and Introduction to the day

8 – 1030am Energising and Detoxifying Yoga Flow with Pranayama and Meditation

11am Nourish Your Body with Nutritional Therapist Anne Richardson

  • Including Cookery Workshop, making Rouleaux Printemps (French style vegetable spring rolls)

1pm Lunch – Practising Mindful Eating for good digestion and combatting overeating

2 – 3pm Rest and Digest with Lighten Up workshop

3pm Mindful Walking in the beautiful natural surroundings of Highfield Farm

4pm Yin Style Yoga for Letting Go

5pm Planning and Manifesting

6pm Glow Yoga!

7pm Closing Meditation and Cacao Treats!

Places are limited so booking and payment in advance is required.

For more details contact Gillie on 07530 012 490 or email

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