Savasana Time For Me – No classes August 17th-23rd

“Life is a balance between rest and movement” Osho

Time for some Rest and Relaxation

Time for some Rest and Relaxation

Namaste yoginis,

So for me to be an authentic yoga teacher, it is important that I walk my talk, and often I find my own words that I use in class echoing in my head.

“Smile and Breathe” has got me through some difficult phases.

“It’s not a competition” has stopped me driving too hard.

And “Remember To Listen To Your Body” is engrained into my very essence of living.

It was with all this in mind that I have decided to take a week off in August. Not a week teaching on retreat in Spain, not a week doing more teacher training, not even doing odd jobs in my new home.

It’s a week off!

From August 17th- 23rd 2015, I will be doing nothing.

Just breathing. And smiling. And being.

I aim to back recharged and re-energised, so be warned 🙂

Love and Light,


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