Learn how to lose weight the intelligent way…and keep it off!

Monday 11th May 2015    6.30 – 9pm     Highfield Farm, Topsham
£10 per person

As some of you may know, before I went to India, I used to run weight loss camps, and I worked with an incredible Nutritional Therapist called Lesley Harper, who shared all my values and beliefs around health and wellness, and to whom I always went for any of my nutrition questions.

Lesley Harper Nutritional Therapist

Lesley Harper Nutritional Therapist

Together we helped thousands of people achieve sustainable weight loss, by providing the right education and motivational tools, and promoting our realistic 80/20 rule way of eating.

A typical day at the office

A typical day at the office

Increasingly though, we have become frustrated with approach of many of the commercial weight loss programmes, and diet products, which have been shown to be  ineffective, and based on outdated nutritional guidelines.

The diet industry is failing us, and in this evening talk, Lesley and I will share our knowledge and experience of why this is the case, and help dispel some of the myths surrounding diet and exercise for weight loss.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, in spite of your efforts, or if you are confused about the often-conflicting dieting messages out there, then come along and join us and get your questions answered.

To book your place drop me an email or call me on 07530 012 490

Love and Light,


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