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Hey beautiful souls

We are almost in October and I have been creating some new material for the month ahead, and the class passes are now available to purchase here

This month our word is GLOW

Our intention is to radiate health, warmth and light, even in the cooler darker days.

There is so much beauty in nature right now, but the season is changing therefore the body has different needs.

As the ground cools and the winds blow, we tend to experience dryness, roughness, and coldness…. we counterbalance this with movement, food and lifestyle habits that are:

* Grounding

* Hydrating

* Warming

* Soothing

* Nourishing

This month, as we need to take care of the lungs as a top priority, I am adding in 15 minutes of transformative breathwork each morning, one of the simplest and most effective ways we can hack our system, change our physiology and bring ourselves back into balance.

We will be starting 745am UK time each morning, and still getting in 30 minutes of movement practise, which includes strength and resistance training as well as yoga and mindful movement.

We tick all the boxes, except I also recommend a walk in nature every day as well, to clear the lungs and the mind!!!

This month I am also adding in an evening of Soma Dance and our Wild Women Fire Circle – this is all included in the Monthly Pass, along with Rise and Shine classes and Healing Yoga on Wednesdays

For more details click here or drop me a line with any questions you have

Big love

Gillie xx

What’s New:

Full details here

September is a great month for a brand new start, for getting back into a routine, and building in healthy rituals that will sustain us through the colder months.

After the excitement and expansive energy of summer, we return to the Earth once more, we need some extra grounding, and at the same time, there is a letting go (as the leaves fall) of all that no longer serves us.

If you’ve gotten out of the habit of self-care and looking after your health and wellbeing, now is the time to re-start.

This month we will be focusing on building in healthy habits to build your natural resilience. We will be looking at all the factors that strengthen and support your immune system and reduce the risk of developing chronic disease and viruses.

Key Themes this month:

  • Focusing on those things that under our Conscious Control
  • Developing Primal Trust – the feeling we are safe, and that “all is well”
  • How to get Better Quality Sleep
  • Core Integrity – the way the body self-stabilises
  • Regulating The Nervous System and Strengthening The Immune System

When we work on these things that are under our control, we develop an inner resilience, we are stronger, healthier and happier as a result, and this postively impacts every aspect of our wellbeing.

We have a feeling that we can trust our body, that our health is in our hands, and no matter what is going on around us, we can weather any storm.

What is inside us is stronger than what is outside of us”

If you would like to go a bit deeper, then the Back To Basics course will include learning resources to help you better support your immune system, as well as a Behavioural Change programme to help you get back into a routine and stick to it!

Online Classes on ZOOM (UK times)


Although classes are live at the times above (UK Times) all sessions are recorded so you also get access to all the recordings for the classes you have signed up for.

Price List

  • Monthly Class Pass £40 (includes Rise and Shine Evening sessions, Soma Dance and Halloween Circle)
  • Rise and Shine (weekday mornings) £25
  • Healing Yoga 4 week course £20 (starts 6th October 2021)


Sign up here

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Updates coming soon …. on hold until travel from UK opens up

To find out more sign up below

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