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There is only one way to deal with the darkness of these times…. SHOW UP WITH MORE LIGHT!


In the darkest, coldest month, the time of year when it is most difficult to stay strong, healthy and happy, it is more important than ever to tend to our inner light

My intention for you this month is to help you remember your light through mindful, embodied movement, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork….and dance!

We will be stoking the fire within – the metabolic fire, the digestive fire, and that fire in our belly that gives us the strength and the motivation to keep moving.

Winter is for slowing down but not for staying still, for these are not times to stagnate, we need to move with the times and stay in the light.

We will be drawing on some of my past work with “Slivers of Light – Daily Reflections To Help You Through The Darkness”, and when you sign up this month you will get the e-book as well as the 21 Programme included.

Our Specialist workshop this month on Saturday 8th January 2022 is going to be “Stoking The Metabolic Fire” – a more mindful and kindful, as well as intelligent approach to New Year diets and detoxes. We don’t want to be restricting anything, we want to be putting this magnificent nature-powered machine into the best state possible.

For the Full Moon on January 17th 2022 we will have a Fire Circle with Soma Dance to help us release the old and bring in the new, and find our freedom through movement and music!

For those on a Monthly Shining Light Pass you get all this included for just £40

For just the morning Light Warriors sessions you get weekday mornings (21 classes) for £25

Or get the Light Seekers Pass which includes the Slivers of Light e-book and a session of your choice for just £10

To send up make your donation to or drop me an email on for alternative means of payment

Looking forward to seeing you around the fire!



Although classes are live at the times above (UK Times) all sessions are recorded so you also get access to all the recordings for the classes you have signed up for.

Price List

  • Monthly Class Pass £40 includes Light Warriors morning sessions 8-830am weekdays, Hygge Wednesdays Yoga and Meditation, Specialist Workshop, Slivers of Light e-book, and Full Moon Circle
  • Light Warriors (weekday mornings) £25
  • Wednesday Evenings only £20 for 4 weeks
  • Stoking The Fire Workshop 2021 £15
  • Full Moon Circle £10
  • One-To-one Personal Coaching £40 or 3 sessions for £95


Sign up here

**** NB Choose SEND MONEY option


Join me in Cavtat Croatia for a Wild Warrior Week 3-10th June 2021

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