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Yoga Class schedule from 15th October 2018

*** Here’s this Autumn / Winter’s Timetable which will run right up until Christmas (Dec 16th will be last class) and enshallah, I’ll be taking every one!! 👏😜❤️

Monday 645-745pm Powderham Castle 

Wednesday 715 -815am Ocean Physio, Woodbury 

Wednesday 930 – 1030am Powderham Castle 

Friday 715 -815am Ocean Physio, Woodbury 

Saturday 10-11am Ocean (Top Deck), Exmouth ***starts October 27th 2018

!!! NB During half term week there will be no classes from Friday 19th October 2018 to Saturday 27th October when YOGA @ OCEAN TOP DECK will start from 10-11am every Saturday. Can’t wait for that one overlooking the beach with outdoor option too! 


*** Feel free to drop in and pay in cash between now and January as we have plenty of space in all venues. All classes £8 per class except Monday evenings at Powderham which is £10 per class , but discounted rates are available online ***

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😘Looking forward to seeing you soon 😘

With Love and light

Gillie xx

About Flow with Gillie


My aim with my classes is to make them accessible for all, whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced yogi.

Every six weeks, to fit in with the term times and the seasons, I launch a new theme, with a sequence which has been designed according to the body’s needs at that time of year.

My classes are based on principles from modern movement medicine, approved by physiotherapists, therefore may differ from more traditional yoga classes. I teach yoga for the modern body and lifestyles, taking you from a state of “active mind and steady body” to “active body, steady mind”.

With a foot in both camps – science and spirituality – I take from my Sports Science knowledge, and combine it with what I learned in my time in India, to offer a balanced and realistic approach to yoga.

Just as important as class content and safety based on extensive experience, I also endeavour to make classes fun and friendly, and create an environment which is supportive, non-judgemental, non-competitive, and fun! I especially love to welcome those who don’t think yoga is for them, whether you think you are too old, stiff, or it’s too slow and dull for you – let me change your mind as well as your body!

To contact me personally drop me an email on

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