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My aim with my classes is to make them accessible for all, whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced yogi.


Every six weeks, to fit in with the term times and the seasons, I launch a new theme, with a sequence which has been designed according to the body’s needs at that time of year.


My classes are based on principles from modern movement medicine, approved by physiotherapists, therefore may differ from more traditional yoga classes. I teach yoga for the modern body and lifestyles, taking you from a state of “active mind and steady body” to “active body, steady mind”.


With a foot in both camps – science and spirituality – I take from my Sports Science knowledge, and combine it with what I learned in my time in India, to offer a balanced and realistic approach to yoga.


Just as important as class content and safety based on extensive experience, I also endeavour to make classes fun and friendly, and create an environment which is supportive, non-judgemental, non-competitive, and fun! I especially love to welcome those who don’t think yoga is for them, whether you think you are too old, stiff, or it’s too slow and dull for you – let me change your mind as well as your body!

See below for timetable, term dates, and details of how to pay

To subscribe, become a Member and receive updates as well as discounted classes follow this link. I will not bombard you, just keep you up to date with new bits and bobs I think may be of interest.

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Yoga Class schedule from 19th February 2018


winter spring 2018 schedule (1) 


Term Dates 2018


Mon 19th February – Fri 30th March


Mon 16th April – Friday 25th May


Mon 4th June – Fri 13th July


Mon 30th July – Fri 8th September


Mon 24th September – Fri 2nd November


Mon 12th Nov – Fri 21st December



* One Monday or Thursday a month, there will be a special class held at Powderham Castle, which will either be a class accompanied by live music, or a technique class / guest teacher, details of which will be communicated in advance. The cost of these classes will be the same for members, and offered as a priority to those who have subscribed before being offered to the general public.


** Each term will be preceded by a Seasonal Launch workshop to introduce you to the new sequence and all the intricacies of the moves, as well as the concepts around this. This will be a 2 ½ hour workshop with refreshments to enjoy with the other students.


*** NB I will be running classes 42 weeks out of 52 in the year. At other times, I will be running retreats, and also taking holiday for myself in order to learn and create new content for classes and special events.


During these times Members will have access to an online video of the current themed class, which will be available for streaming or download.


You can get details of these on my website


Or connect on Facebook for live classes


Drop-in classes are available at a cost of £12 per class, and are only available to be booked from 9am on the Monday of the week of the class.


Seasonal Launch Dates


Saturday 17th February 2018        10am – 12.30pm


Saturday 14th April 2018     10am – 1230pm


Sunday 3rd June 2018 10am                       10am – 12.30pm


*All seasonal launches will be held at Ocean Physio and all Basic, Regular and Premier Members will receive a 50 % discount as well as priority booking.

New Membership and Payment Scheme



How To Pay


From February 16th 2018, I will be launching a new Membership scheme to allow for easier payments, priority bookings on classes, events and retreats, and access to online resources, whilst maintaining flexibility so you can fit your classes around your schedule and holidays.


Classes will still have to be booked, and booked by 9am on the Monday of that week to guarantee your place.


This is a very simple tiered system, which will allow for regular monthly payments at a significantly reduced cost to paying class by class. The options are as follows:


Subscriber Member:                         £10 per month                      1 class per month


Basic Member:                       £35 per month                      4 classes per month


Regular Member:                  £45 per month                      8 classes per month


Premier Member:                 £55 per month                      Unlimited classes


  • Full benefits and details of each Membership option are overleaf




Membership Options




Subscriber Member           £10 per month


– 1 class per month (after that £12 drop ins available)

– Weekly newsletter


Basic Member                      £35 per month


  • 4 classes per month
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Seasonal video
  • 50% off seasonal launch and special events such as foam rolling workshops
  • Advance notice of 2 days of any advertised events and retreats


Regular Member                 £45 per month


  • 8 classes per month
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Seasonal video
  • 50% off seasonal launch and special events such as foam rolling workshops
  • Advance notice of 3 days of any advertised events and retreats
  • 50% off online courses


Premier Member                            £55 per month


  • Unlimited classes per month
  • All of above benefits plus advance notice of 7 days of any events and retreats, plus free online courses and free access to Seasonal Launches


NB When subscribing to a Membership, you are not under any obligation for more than a month at a time, there is no contract and you just pay for the month you would like to subscribe. Credits are assigned once payment is made.



All Memberships are available online at


If you decide not to subscribe to a Membership, there is still the option of paying as a drop-in at a rate of £12.


Please note that in order to manage bookings and keep accurate accounts, I will not be taking cash payments (unless extenuating circumstances or by prior arrangement).


If you have any questions please feel to email me



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