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Hey beautiful souls

As you’ll know my work is all about nature, so I adapt to the seasons.

Every month has its own unique treasures, and in December, we transition from Autumn to Winter.

In amongst it all, we have the Winter Solstice where we can look forward to the “return of the light” It may seen all a bit dark and gloomy everywhere right now, but there is so much light….

And magic!

And wonder!!!

You just need to look for it.

So this month is all about Wonder:

A feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable or unfamiliar”.

That moment you see a double rainbow and you’re reminded that “life is magic”

It’s also a great way to deal with uncertain times.

Instead of “worrying” what’s going to happen, start to “wonder” what’s going to happen and notice the power of the re-frame. It turns anxiety into intrigue, even excitement

It’s also a month we tend to focus on “gifts”, but this year I’m going to invite you to consider the greatest gift is health and happiness.

The amazing thing is when you do it for yourself it paves the way for others!

So my “prescription” for this month, the focus for both online and in person, is this

  • Step out into the light
  • Look for the magic and wonder
  • Go inside and get super cosy

I’ll be sharing this in depth as part of the Winter Wonderland Mini Retreat on Saturday 18th December 2021.

It’s also a Full Moon, the Cold Moon, and it’s all about “Staying Well in Winter”.

Finally as many of you know, I like to do things a but differently. I colour outside the lines, let’s say.So I will not be taking a Christmas break.

I’ll be running classes all the way through, including that dead time between Christmas and New Year, which I’ve always thought was the time to get set for the next year, instead of waiting until January. Instead of moping around watching telly, get up and get moving, and I guarantee you’ll feel a lot, lot better when it comes to January 3rd and it’s back to it.

So if you want to join us around the virtual fire then follow the link or drop me a line with any questions I can be flexible with plans… I’m a yogi after all

See what December has to offer here

Gillie xx

What’s New:


Although classes are live at the times above (UK Times) all sessions are recorded so you also get access to all the recordings for the classes you have signed up for.

Price List

  • Monthly Class Pass £40 includes Rise and Shine, Hygge Wednesdays, and Winter Wonderland Mini-Retreat
  • Rise and Shine (weekday mornings) £25
  • Wednesday Evenings only £20 for 4 weeks
  • Winter Wonderland Mini Retreat Saturday 18th December 2021 £25
  • The Greatest Gift Christmas Eve Workshop £15
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Winter Wonderland Retreat plus Christmas Eve workshop only £30


Sign up here

**** NB Choose SEND MONEY option


Join me in Cavtat Croatia for a Wild Warrior Week 3-10th June 2021

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